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Tom Benton is a serigraphic printmaker (many times po,

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson; gonzo journalist, author, and
one of the finest political writers of our time; brings his objective and subjective views to the world from his secluded compound just outside Aspen, Colorado.

 Whether on politics, social issues, or personal encounters with life, his insights make for powerful work. He is one of America's greatest writers.
         commentator. He is best known to readers of gonzo for his Thompson for Sheriff posters (or The Aspen Wall posters) produced for Hunter

The "Thompson for Sheriff" poster was done for the doctor's run for sheriff of  Pitkin County  (Aspen, CO).

The campaign was lost by less than 200 votes and led to many lasting changes.

Title: "Thompson for Sheriff"

Size: 20" x 26"

Price:  $450.00 
Shipping and handling $15

All Posters are numbered and signed with stamped signature of Tom Benton.

SOLD OUT until further notice - 1/3/2008

These are the places in the following movies where this poster can be seen...

Almost Famous

When William finally makes an appearance at Rolling Stone's San Francisco office, a Hunter S. Thompson "Freak Power" poster can be seen on the wall. William's editor also mentions Thompson in an earlier phone conversation.

Fear & Loathing

In the scene where Raoul Duke (Thompson aka Dr. Gonzo) is in the desert using the payphone calling his attorney(Gonzo) we see a shot of his attorney in his office talking back to him. Behind him on the wall is the "Thompson for Sheriff" electoral poster.

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The "Gonzo" poster has become
 the symbol of Thompson and
his style of journalism.

Title: "Gonzo"

Size: 20" x 26"

SOLD OUT until further notice - 1/4/2008

Price: $350.00
Shipping and handling is $15

All Posters are numbered and





These posters are hand pulled silk screen prints numbered 
and signed by Tom  Benton.  

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